Teeth Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth scaling (prophylaxis) is the procedure that remove calculus (tartar), plaque and stains from your teeth.

Tooth scaling is part of professional tooth cleaning that is recommended every 6 month to maintain good oral hygiene

Polishing of tooth surfaces is used to make these surfaces smooth which makes it more difficult for plaque and debris to accumulate on your teeth that causes decay or gum disease. Polishing is a preventive procedure used as a first-line defense against dental problems.

How Much Does It Cost

  • Standard Teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing generally cost anywhere from THB1,000 – THB2,000 per person.
  • Air – Flow is usually good for removing stains from tooth surface, it is approximately THB1,200 per visit.

  • How Long Does It Take

  • It takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete depending on tooth condition.

  • Procedure for Teeth Scaling and Teeth Polishing Treatment

    When scaling and polishing is done, essentially this is a thorough cleaning of your mouth. A special tool is used to get rid of the hard build up of calculus (tartar) then follow up by giving the teeth a thorough polish.

    The areas concentrated on are just below the gum line, behind your teeth and in the gaps in between them, as these are the regions commonly missed when we brush our teeth. Scaling and polishing helps prevent gum disease.

    What Is Air-Flow?

    Air polishing is a procedure that uses air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of specially processed sodium bicarbonate or glycine powders through the hand piece nozzle.

    This pressurized jet of air, water and powder removes surface stains, plaque and other soft deposits such as food particles trapped in between the teeth.

    Air-scaling by Air-Flow is a procedure to remove calculus (tartar), soft deposits (plaque) and stains from teeth. It is done either supra or subgingivally to remove agents that can cause inflammation such as plaque and calculus.

    Removing tartar and plaque from teeth helps keep tooth’s supporting tissues to be free of disease.

    EMS Air-Polishing

    Before Teeth cleaning

    Before Teeth cleaning, scaling and Air-Flow

    After Teeth cleaning

    After Teeth cleaning, scaling and Air-Flow


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